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How To Prepare For Your Appointment

Clients are always so nervous on what to wear or how to show up looking like to their appointment because they want to take all precautions for a flawless tan. 

Here are a few tips on what to do when coming In for your appointment:

1) NO deodorant/perfume/ lotions: Why? The reason being is because the DHA in the solution of the spray tan can react to the chemicals in your deodorant and your perfume and can make your armpits turn green!! So please no perfumes or deodorant so we can avoid this issue. No lotion on your body because It creates a layer between your skin and your tan and will results in a lighter tan that you want! I will apply lotion for you where needed so no need to worry! 

2) Baggy Clothing: loose, black, not sweaty clothing is very important. This decreases the chance of crease marks and avoids any sweating that will make your spray tan drip. 

3) Flip Flops or Slides: For the same reasoning of wearing loose clothing, you want your feet to breathe as well! If you do wear sneakers please make sure to let me know so I can powder your feet a little extra then you can put on socks! 

4) Jewellery: if you can remember to leave your jewellery at home I would! Please remember to take off all your jewellery so we don’t have to do It before! 

These are some of my tips and tricks so please take them into consideration when showing up for your spray tan. 

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