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Exfoliation and Why Its so Important

Exfoliation is the first step to a flawless tan. When coming in to your appointment It is important that you have followed all the proper steps to make sure your spray tan technician can give you the best results. 

The reason why exfoliation is the most important step in order to prepare for a tan is because you’re creating a clean canvas for your skin. Your skin is always shedding and creating new skin cells so it’s important to remove all the old dead skin cells and reveal all the new and refreshed ones. Your Neck, armpits, bikini line, ankles and wrists are key areas to focus on because of how thin the skin is there. 

How to exfoliate and what to use are clients first questions when prepping for their spray tans. Using a non oil sugar scrub and an exfoliating mitt is what I find the easiest and results in the best most even spray tan. The reason why I say use a non oil scrub is any oil products can create a barrier between your spray tan and your skin resulting in a lighter tan.

First step is to sit in a hot bath for about 15-20 minutes to start to loosen up all you dead skin cells. Then wet your exfoliating mitt, put It on, and pick up some of the sugar scrub using your mitt and start scrubbing! I find this works for best for max exfoliation. There is no such thing as too much exfoliating so just keep scrubbing till you feel like you’ve exfoliated head to toe. You can also use this method to take off your tan when It starts to fade!

I can’t stress this step enough! Follow these easy steps and you’ll be spray tan ready in no time! 

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