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How To Take Care Of Your Spray Tan

You have just received a beautiful and glowy spray tan, and now what, where do you go from here? How do you make It last long and fade evenly? Well let’s talk. 

After receiving your spray tan, you have waited over night or all day for It to soak in, you’ve taken your first shower and now you’re ready to start the journey of taking care of your skin. The first step is moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE! Keeping your skin hydrated will ensure that your tan will last longer and fade evenly. Stay away from any moisturizer that says “Age renewal” or “for acne” because it has a lot of ingredients in it that will strip your tan off! My favourite moisturizer and skin care line is cetaphil. It’s a affordable and great for your skin and oil free! Check It out! 

Staying dry is also a very important factor to keeping your spray tan looking flawless. The more you sweat or swim It will speed up the process of a fading tan resulting a rapidly fading tan. Be the princess you are for the first week of your spray tan and you will see how long It lasts! 

Your spray tan has been on for about 6-7 days now and you see It fading. You’ve noticed that your face and feet and hands always go first. Take an exfoliating mitt and start Buffing out those tough areas that tend to fade first. Ankles, wrists, neck, and arm pits will need some extra attention. If you would like to remove your spray tan over all. Sit in a hot bath for 20 minutes and start scrubbing! (See my “Exfoliation” blog post for more information) 

Taking care of your spray tan does require some work... but just remember to stay hydrated and moisturized, stay away from oily products, stay cool and dry, and start exfoliating to ensure an even fade! 

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